Podcast: Tech Sales Insights
Date: September 5, 2022
Title: Culture Driven Sales Prioritizes People with Kelly Wright
Length: 19 Minutes
Episode: E92 Part 1

This episode of Tech Sales Insights features Kelly Breslin Wright, President and COO of Gong, as well as Founder and Thought leader at Culture Driven Sales. Seeing a comprehensive view of a salesperson’s reality and taking insights from that is a powerful way to unlock their full potential.

Kelly shares how Gong takes a holistic approach to data and uses AI to glean insights into customer conversations. This has sweeping advantages for salespeople and many other departments which have a stake in understanding what is going on with customer conversations and getting prescriptive guidance on what to do next.



Selling books door to door: Kelly's journey in sales and entrepreneurship

Gong offers a holistic approach to data and insights to create effective sellers

Providing salespeople with actionable insights on what to do next


Grit and resilience are necessary to be successful - Kelly: "So much of being successful in sales and successful in business, it's about grit and learning how to put hard work in, learning how to get knocked down and how you stand back up and you keep on going. Learning how to persevere. And there is no job in the world that is harder than selling something door-to-door because you're sized up in 15 to 30 seconds."

A holistic approach that makes people work more effectively - Kelly: "We capture all of this data and then we're able to provide a lot of diagnosing and understanding of what's happening with that reality so that we can help improve coaching, onboarding of your teams, help to understand what's going on with your competitors, understand what people are saying about your products so all different groups—marketing, sales, CS, product—who are interested in knowing what's going on in our customers conversations, can get that learning from Gong."

Gong takes data from different work streams to produce holistic insights - Kelly: "If you only get a slice of the data, it's only going to tell you a slice of the story. So, first, you have to have a comprehensive view of what's going on with the data, and that's really been Gong's approach. We're going to be much more comprehensive of creating this foundational platform."

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Kelly Breslin Wright is an experienced executive and corporate board director for both public and private companies, with over 30 years of experience in leadership, sales, operations, and strategy roles. She has served as an Independent Director and Advisor for multiple Boards and has helped companies navigate multiple stages of growth. These include IPOs, enterprise expansion, CEO and leadership transitions, globalization, M&A, financings, business model changes, and global crises. She has a unique mastery of sales, go-to-market, leadership, transformation, strategy, growth and scaling, data and analytics, and culture.

As an operator, Kelly Breslin Wright served as President and COO of Gong, an artificial intelligence platform that serves revenue organizations to deliver insights at scale. There, she managed all go-to-market functions, including Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing. For nearly 12 years prior to Gong, Kelly Breslin Wright was Executive Vice President of Sales (Chief Revenue Officer) at Tableau Software (formerly NYSE: DATA). She joined as the company's first salesperson, where she grew Tableau’s worldwide sales and field operations from zero to $850M in revenue and managed over half of the company’s 3,400 global employees. Tableau was purchased by Salesforce in 2019 for $15.7B. Before Tableau, Kelly Breslin Wright spent time at Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, Bank of America, Dale Carnegie Training, AtHoc, and Southwestern Advantage.

You can find out more about Kelly Breslin Wright at:


Culture Driven Sales Website: https://culturedrivensales.com/  

University of Washington Foster School of Business Website: https://foster.uw.edu/faculty-research/directory/kelly-wright/  


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