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To help companies create exceptional cultures that drive sales


Core Values

Founding Story

Over recent years, Kelly has met with over 150 companies, 100 CEOs, 50 venture capitalists, and legions of go-to-market professionals to talk all things sales. In these hundreds of conversations, consistent patterns popped and emerged. Leaders shared the same frustrations: missed sales targets, slowing growth, low quota attainment, high attrition, and trouble with scale. Executives shared that even with a cohesive strategy, great offering, and talented people, Sales was often falling short.

To Kelly, the challenge was deeper and more systemic. While companies believed they had a Sales challenge, she discovered they actually had a Culture challenge.

Kelly saw repeatedly that companies with the best go-to-market strategies and sales results have clear mission, values, and purpose. Best-in-class organizations align all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which they serve, around this unified purpose and culture.

A strong culture helps companies communicate their identity, brand, and story. It motivates employees with a sense of purpose and belonging. Culture helps people foster meaningful connections and inspires passionate customer movements. Companies with strong cultures win and sell more.

Yet, many companies focus so much on sales process and operational efficiency, their focus on culture gets muted, sometimes even lost.

Kelly became passionate about helping companies transform their sales approach by integrating culture into selling. She developed and taught a business school course on the subject. She brought this methodology to the boardroom. Her focus led to speaking engagements, publications, and podcasts.

One step led to another, and this is how Culture Driven Sales was born.

Why Culture Driven Sales?

The traditional approach to sales is broken. Old-school selling is highly tactical, focused on small incremental tweaks in operational efficiency. Sales teams are so focused on pushing the what and the how that they completely miss the why.

The best companies know exactly why they exist. They have a strong identity. Their mission, values, and purpose create a unifying culture. This culture captures the essence of the company. Companies amplify their brand, cultivate higher-performance teams, and achieve better results when culture threads through everything they do.

Sales is due for disruption and transformation, shifting the old way of selling to the new.

Traditional Old-School Sales

  • Slow and Inflexible
  • Unscalable
  • Vendor-Centric
  • Weak Culture
  • Disconnected, Siloed Strategy
  • Inconsistent & Uninspiring Results
Culture Driven Sales

  • Fast and Agile
  • Scalable
  • Customer-Centric
  • Strong Culture
  • Integrated, Aligned Strategy
  • Accelerating & Inspiring Results

Traditional Old-School Sales is out. Culture Driven Sales is in.