Kelly Breslin Wright was Tableau’s EVP Sales (CRO), growing the company from inception through IPO and to $850m. She was President and CEO of Gong. She has served as Board Director/Advisor to public and private companies including Fastly, Lucid, Amperity, Dropbox, and Asana. She is Founder & CEO of Culture Driven Sales.

Culture Driven Sales & Go-To-Market Strategy

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Successful companies have a holistic umbrella go-to-market strategy that reinforces the mission, values, and story. An overarching go-to-market strategy drives alignment and decision-making across all departments and functions, from the C-suite to Product, Operations, Marketing, and Sales. This strategy impacts messaging and customer engagement and drives all elements of sales, including the differentiated value proposition, ideal customer profile, ideal seller profile, preferred sales motions, and over all field operations. The go-to-market strategy will arm the company with a competitive advantage impacting how the team reaches and interacts with prospects and customers. The company’s culture and unified purpose help drive sales, growth, and success.

This 2-Day Executive Education seminar introduces practical principles for executives responsible for designing, implementing, and managing go-to-market and sales strategies. Attendees will assess their company’s go-to-market strategy against best practices and formulate actionable plans to up-level their comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Participants will include CEOs, Founders, CROs, CMOs, VPs of Sales, and VPs of Strategy for both public and private companies. The seminar will incorporate applied exercises in a collaborative environment which will facilitate peer learnings and enhance a strong executive network.


Company Story
Value Proposition
Ideal Customer Profile
Ideal Seller Profile
Holistic GTM Strategy


Heads/VPs of Sales
VPs of Strategy


Successful companies need an integrated umbrella go-to-market strategy to best serve customers, drive company alignment, and optimize revenue and sales. Share ideas with a strong peer network of C-Suite and Sales Executives.